The Hidden Fox (2022)


The villains plot for the world’s number one martial arts master Miao Ren Feng and Hu Yi Dao who guards the treasure to battle each other which results in their tragic deaths. Ten years later, the treasure map reappears in the pugilistic world. Ten years ago, Tian Gui Nong assembled his strong subordinates to set up an elaborate scheme which leads to the deaths of Miao Ren Feng and Hu Yi Dao who are caught in a fight for the treasure. Ten years later, Hu Fei, the son of Hu Yi Dao, intends to avenge his father and the “hunting game” begins…

Also known as: Flying Fox of Snowy Mountain Fox Volant of the Snowy Mountain Xue Shan Fei Hu 雪山飞狐之塞北宝藏


Status: Ongoing

Release Year:

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The Hidden Fox (2022) full episodes

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